Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What I am Reading

Just a little glimpse at what I have found this week around the web. Today alone I found so much encouragement, that I just have to share!  I am thinking I might do a post like this every so often.

I subscribe to Laura Markham's Aha Parenting Newsletter and always find her encouragement to be a breath of fresh air:

Her article, "Your Child, Better Behaved in 3 Days" is just one more reason.  "Kids are a bit like little geiger counters. They live for our emotional energy -- positive or negative. So why, as parents, do we give most of our energy to what's going wrong? Even when we do catch our child doing something right, look at the amount of energy that's behind our responses to bad behavior ("How many times do I have to tell you?!") versus our positive acknowledgments ("Nice job, dear.")"

Mothering is an wonderful resource for...  as their tagline says, "The Home for Natural Family Living" and I read many articles and get so many ideas from the site and community.  Today I found this gem, by Beth Berry: 10 Great Ways To Be An Unhappy Mom.  Couldn't agree more!

I also read something from Huffpost: Parents just about everyday. I don't always agree, but I love the richness of perspectives and I love the freedom that comes with realizing that all of us feel like we're doing it wrong at some point.  Devon Corneal's Lessons In Futility had me giggling from the get go, and nodding because I am definitely guilty of some of these!

Lastly, I have to talk to you about Wyn Magazine, an online magazine providing resources and hope for mental and emotional healing.  June is the first month of this magazine, and I am already eager for the next issue.  Contributor Evita Gahagan's Reaching Out Of Postpartum Depression resonated with me deeply.  I plan to share some of my own battle with post-partum depression here on my blog in the future, but so many of Evita's words could have been my own.  I look forward to seeing what will come from this incredible resource!

Disclaimer: This is just what I'm reading.  Nothing more, nothing less.  My views and opinions are solely my own.

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