Monday, June 17, 2013

Juggling Faith, Home & Work--Part 1

I have to be clear that I do this some days FAR better than others! Not long ago, my Facebook status was: "This morning I managed to shower (Including washing my hair and shaving my legs), get dinner in the crock pot, get dressed and ready including makeup, and get out the door on time. If the world spins off it's axis I'm sorry!" All that to say that I have been known to cut corners where I can (and if personal hygiene falls into that category from time to time, so be it!)

I am mentioning the "faith piece" seperately because though it is not seperate per se, it is the most needful for me, and also the most oft neglected.  If I am not seeking first, "all these things" fall by the wayside.  Including my mental and emotional health.  Talking about it in these terms makes it sound so much less organic and in and through everything than it really is.  But it is something I must be intentional about, or it will get neglected. 

I will admit that there are weeks I spend far more brain-power juggling work and home and rushing about like Martha than I do remembering the one thing that is needful (Luke 10:38-42). But, I have found that reading the Bible even for a bit, each morning just after waking helps me focus my heart on what matters the most early in my day. And when I start my day focused on Him, my heart goes to Him throughout the day. I love YouVersion, and while I admit to being behind on my reading plan, if the goal is connection with Jesus not checking off a box, having a reading plan has done its job.
Another critical factor for me is communion with other believers. Yes. Attending church on Sunday is a critical piece, but having women in my life that send a text or an email, or to share a phone call or cup of cofee with is something I could thrive spiritually without. We are made to be in community!
Beyond that I believe there is something to be said for quieting your life and giving yourself time to listen.  I will write more about this in the future.  But for now, I will say that sometimes turning off the constant stream of TV, phone and social media always helps me find the time I need to seek His face.

Later this week I'll share practical tips that help me juggle home & work.  What helps you seek Christ in the midst of a busy life?

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